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“I am Perfectly Imperfect”


Faith-Centered Life & Business Strategist, Purpose-Driven Speaker, Best Selling Author, and Philanthropist, Terryl Ebony is the founder of The Road M.A.P.S. Methodology.  Terryl has over 2 decades of combined experience and education coaching, consulting, training, speaking, and writing strategies regarding spiritual, personal, business, and leadership development for individuals, families, and companies who want to experience wealth,  prosperity, and success in all parts of their life or business.

Why Entrepreneurship?

On Veterans Day of 1994, at the age of 19, Terryl gave birth to her “Why”. He wasn’t planned, but she knew she refused to succumb to being labeled and categorized as another sob story statistic.  Her son, Devon, became the primary reason for everything that has happened in her life since.  Raising him as a single parent wasn’t easy, but it gave her the motivation she needed to push forward.  


“I remember back in the days, when I looked at my friends and family, none of them were entrepreneurs. So I didn’t know why I thought I could become one.But, what I did know was I needed and desired more than what a 9-5 was giving me.  I knew I wanted to be available for my son. I knew I wanted to have the Flexibility to create my own schedule. I wanted the Freedom of taking a day off when I needed to. And most of all, I wanted complete dominion over my Finances. I wanted to dictate how much I got paid, when I got a raise, and what the criteria was for that raise. I knew I would only have this lifestyle if I created it for myself through entrepreneurship.


This journey has not always been easy.  It has definitely had its ups and downs.  What I can tell you is, it has helped me learn so much about myself spiritually, personally, and professionally.  It is with all of my growth, experience, trials, errors, wins, and achievements, that I am able to teach and create experiences for others that will allow them to shift their way of thinking and view situations through a different set of lenses.  This new outlook will set you on the path to Freedom, Flexibility, & Finances.  But, I can only pave the way and provide the blueprint. Each person is individually responsible for walking their own road to success and taking the action needed to produce the results they want.


Her Journey to Life & Business Strategies

The most important thing that makes Terryl an expert is the calling God put on her life when he entrusted her with a talent to empower and motivate his people to take massive action that has not only transformed their lives, but their families, and the people connected to them.  Terryl was destined for this position way before she was born.  She just had the good sense to walk by faith, not by sight, right into the abundant life He prepared for her. But you should know, he didn’t just prepare her and poof it happened.  He wanted to make sure she was ready.  So he put her through some fires and pitfalls of life to see if she would figure her way out, and she did.


Raised by a single parent, growing up with abandonment issues, being sexually abused, feeling like an outcast and a misfit, trying to live up to others' expectations while still being yourself, becoming a teenage single parent, and the list goes on and on, Terryl used those first-hand experiences to solidify herself as an expert because she has walked the walk that she talks about. However, if that doesn’t satisfy you, know that Terryl’s education comes with a degree in Human Services, a certificate in Family Development, a Life Coach Certification, a Credential in Alcohol & Substance Abuse (CASAC-T), and a host of other certifications.  Next, she founded and ran a non-profit, “The Misunderstood Youth Development Center, for over 15 years where she worked in collaboration with Queens District Attorney’s Office on an alternative sentencing program that kept over 100 young men out of the prison pipeline.  Their felony records were sealed and dismissed after providing them, and their parents, with 12 months of extensive life skill training so they would make better life choices and become productive citizens of society. 


Then, as a respected member of her community, Terryl ran for New York State Assembly, where she led a community of non-voters to the polls, educated them about the electoral process, and introduced them to the concept of a “write-in candidate”.  Although she did not win the race, she did win the mission to put her community on notice that the people’s “Choice Matters” (the platform she ran on) and they do have a voice that will no longer be silenced or intimidated. Lastly, Terryl’s experience in other business ventures, including a plethora of multi-level marketing companies, has taught her so much about personal, business, and leadership development.  And, she has put all that training and experience into the products and services she produces.  Over the past 20+ years, Terryl has worked with people of all ages from youth to the elderly.  If there is an area of your life that you’re stuck in (it isn’t going the way you want it to), Terryl is the person to help you uncover “The Why”, get you moving in the right direction, and ultimately, help you to produce the successful results you want.


Life Outside of Business


When she isn’t working, Terryl enjoys singing, dancing, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends. She is also a respected community advocate, who believes in doing her part to create equality, justice, and economic empowerment for struggling families. Terryl uses a lot of her time to connect with God to ensure her actions are in alignment with His will.  It took her some time to get to this point, but she is in a happy space of Freedom, Flexibility, & Finance.

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